TESTIMONIAL – Carmel Sakrzewski

“My name is Carmel and I have been a member since Fishability Queensland began. I am 72 and am legally blind. Much of my life is ruled by anxiety and depression, a couple of phobias and the frustration my lack of independence brings. The program definitely alleviates these issues for me.
Fishability has offered me a way out of social isolation – it has given me opportunities to interact with a broad range of people of all ages and abilities – and through the program I have also formed friendships with numerous people.

Then there is the unadulterated FUN!!! Whether it be fishing off Council fishing platforms or the beach or the BBQ boats at Bribie – I wake up excited and happy knowing that I am going to have a great day. Lots of laughter, much groaning over the one that got away – sunshine, fresh air, the sounds of the water lapping – listening to the excitement of spotting a pod of dolphins and even catching an occasional fish!!!

At this point I would like to acknowledge Emma’s vision and unwavering commitment to getting this venture off the ground and working so hard at attract the funds needed to keep it going. What a woman!! She never wavers, takes great care to ensure everyone’s needs are met and that we are all having a enjoyable experience – as well as making sure we take personal responsibility for our own interactions and behaviours. Thank you so much Emma and thanks also to all the volunteers and the Board members for continuing to support the venture.

I urge anyone that is reading this and is in a financial position to offer assistance to please get behind this wonderful program.
Finally, I need to say that as a member of Fishability Queensland’s programs I feel respected and valued, supported and encouraged to support others, and l look forward to many fishing trips to come.”
Carmel and her whopper bream caught at Wynnum Jetty 43cm
Carmel and her whopper Bream caught at Wynnum Jetty 2019