Hi Everyone! We hope you are all ok and staying safe during this time of uncertainty. We are sorry to let you all know that all of our public events have been suspended until further notice. We are trying to obtain assistance to help people anyway we can in the meantime. If you are really struggling or even just need a good old chat, then please get in touch with us and check in. See you all soon! Fish and Forget. www.fishability.com.au – 0435 778 510

Fishability QLD provide a range of socially inclusive fishing opportunities for people who experience disadvantaged and are at risk of social isolation. Without support and assistance, social isolation can impact on people’s ability to participate in the community; it can contribute to or exacerbate depression, anxiety and loneliness and further impact people’s lives leading to homelessness, suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

Fishability QLD aims to offer a broad range of fishing related activities that will build the confidence and skills of participants, offer opportunities to develop lasting friendships and broader social groups, and have fun.