Volunteering with Fishability QLD is enormously rewarding. We support volunteer participation that is inclusive, transformative, flexible and meaningful. We inform policy, good practice, research and development, regulation and decision-making that supports the sustainability and advancement of volunteering. Your contribution enriches lives of Queensland Community Members and makes a fundamental difference in people’s lives.

Formal and Non-formal Volunteering

Formal and non-formal volunteering involves the delivery of services.

They involve defined supervision structures and the organisation of work into structured roles involving long term, regular attendance. There is a strong emphasis on policies and procedures and quality management of the services being delivered.

Formal volunteering programs have a business management structure. Managers of volunteers carry out resourcing, supervising and checking outcomes. Non-formal volunteering predominantly transpires in local communities to address specific social needs.

Some examples of formal and non-formal volunteering include:

  • Volunteering with your qualification i.e. “I write policies and procedures”
  • Food preparation i.e. sandwiches and esky packing
  • Providing hands-on service delivery on outings
  • Volunteer driver for service organisation
  • Volunteer with social media and marketing
  • Volunteering in fundraising events and BBQ’s

Volunteers are generally community members who come together around a shared interest, and work largely in unfunded, less structured settings.

The programs are often relatively unstructured and may have only a few defined roles. The activities may be undertaken by whoever has the time and interest.

There may not be a volunteer manager, but may well be coordinators for various activities who organise and support members working with them.

Our volunteers enjoy sharing experiences or mutual assistance and think of themselves as members or friends rather than volunteers. Fishability QLD has a ZERO violence policy. This includes threats or any act form of violent behaviour. We are here to help.

Governance Volunteering

Governance volunteering is when individuals volunteer as board members or on management committees. These volunteers provide leadership and direction for the organisation.

Governance volunteers work in clearly defined roles, which are required by the Incorporated Associations Act, 1981 (or other legislative requirements of their legal structure). These volunteers often carry high levels of responsibility and accountability, having specific systems and procedures to follow in terms of transparency and reporting to stakeholders.

Governance volunteers may also be involved in volunteering in other areas of the organisation depending on the size, scope and structure of the organisation.

Some examples of governance volunteering include:

  • Volunteer Secretary of Fishability QLD
  • Volunteer President of Fishability QLD
  • Volunteer Board Member

How do I volunteer?

If you would like to help out at Fishability QLD, get in touch with us. We will send you our Volunteer Handbook which contains all the information you will need to know and when all the formalities are over, we will whole-heartedly welcome you on to our team!

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